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Top 10 MBA colleges in India

Your career destiny isn’t determined by where you are today. You can always improve yourself in one way or another, you can always increase your job satisfaction,face new challenges and improve your income.
The biggest question today for a graduate is what now ? How can i get better job opportunities? Very rare students can actually think of this answer for these questions. A very obvious and perfect answer to this question is MBA. But even just to take admission in MBA doesn't make you successful as we have a ton of business schools everywhere and some of their degrees are as good as tissue paper. Less than 1 percent of the total students end up reaching into top 10 mba colleges in India including IIM’s, NDIM, VIT, AMITY.

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Advantages of studying from Top 10 MBA Colleges in India

Shape your career

An MBA program from a reputed college provides you the flexibility to explore your options and also provides you practical training and learning , that you need to boost up your career, as after doing MBA you can straight away apply for the managerial position within your field.

Earn more

The biggest benefits of doing an MBA from the top 10 MBA colleges in India that, you end up getting a better paycheck than a normal MBA degree holder. Obviously because they are simply the best, their reputation in the market is incomparable, they have effective and deep tie ups with many leading organisations in the market.


Two years at a B-school will offer you a surplus advantages, especially when you manage to enter any top 10 mba colleges in India with a very good reputation . It will specialize you in solving various business problems in real life. MBA’s curriculum will strengthen your talent in terms of leadership, business scenario analysis and decision making. This degree will obviously open doors to infinite job opportunities. Afterall getting a higher salary after graduation, landing a top management position or even becoming your own boss are some common yet ultimate goals of every human.


As MBA is one of the most widely demanded and widely chosen course among all the Industries. An MBA degree holder can easily acquire a jobs of Managerial or executive level. This degree is considered as the first step of success, after doing an MBA from the top 10 mba colleges in india one can easily opt for various high profile jobs like , a job of marketing manager, in which the person has to manage the marketing processes of the company which includes advertising, sales, and promotion of the products of the company. One can also work as the financial manager or chief executive, whose responsibility is to control the capital transactions of the company. Another important fields in which one can work after MBA is the Human Resource or public relation manager. In HR the person has to manage the manpower or internal organisational issues. Apart from all this, there are many other fields in MBA like Human Resource and Public Relations.

Specializations provided by the Top 10 MBA Colleges in India

HR management

The curriculum of MBA in human resource in Top 10 MBA colleges of India will not be limited to Human Resource Management topics but also cover a bit of a Finance, Economics, General Management, Marketing,Information Systems Organizational Behavior, Operation , Production and Strategic Management. Human Resource Management particularly, include the following core topics
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Fundamentals of Labor Laws
  • Employment Relations Law - Law of Industrial Relations
  • Employment Relations Law - Law of Social Security
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Relations
  • Wage Determination and Administration

Operations management

The curriculum of this specialization in Top 10 MBA colleges in India touches all the aspects of industrial management. Which are usually covered in some full-fledged management courses respectively..The main topics covered in the course may include;
  • Operations Research
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Statistics
  • Project Management
  • Technology and Innovation Management
  • Materials Management

About top 10 MBA colleges in India

Before making the decision to do a Masters in Business Administration (MBA), you have to be very certain that it is the right path for you, Not every management graduate receives a desired job and dream salary package unless you have done your MBA from the top 10 mba colleges in India. You must have your goals in place to be able to establish a solid and successful career after an MBA.


  • Apart from studies we are more enthusiastic about getting placed in the companies that work on current technologies and strategies.
  • The standards and practices of in the Top 10 mba colleges in India are very efficient and satisfactory. The curriculum is designed in such a way that it is providing me a good understanding and grasp over my subject. I chose MBA  course in Human Resource Management and I am enjoying my studies and activities related to the subject very much.

The reputation of mba college depends mainly on the placement stats, discipline and the extracurricular activities they provide. Building a good reputation requires a ton of efforts and years of time it is clearly not an easy task to come under the top 10 MBA colleges in India and to maintain that spot.


The curriculum of the top 10 MBA colleges in India is slightly different from the usual MBA curriculum. As usual colleges try to run after placemetn rather than training and grooming their students but best colleges focus only on their students as in the big picture the quality of the students will only decide the placement stats and eventually various big brands will turn up to hier from the college.


Students are entitled with orientation programme and got aware with practices and procedure in the management colleges in Delhi. Students also get the prospectus in which everything is explicitly stated. What they see is what they get.

Healthy Mind, Refreshing Activities

According to the top 10 mba colleges in India, if the institutes keep on forcing students to study and giving them burden.Then it will eventually affect the health and performance of the students as their are many other factors like mental health, physical health and entertainment of the student Colleges should look in this area as well.